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Durable Power Attorney

Although it does happen, it is a rare event when I suggest that a client not sign a Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA), a document that creates a legal, enforceable relationship between the person who signs it (known as the "principal") and the person who acts for the principal (known

Are there different types of Wills?

There are many types of Wills:Holographic Wills are entirely handwritten, dated, and signed by the testator.A Living Will, Medical Directive or Health Care Directive is one that authorizes the continuance or cessation of life-sustaining medical treatments from an individual who is incapable of making that decision due to debilitating circumstances.Who

Beneficiary Forms

Forgetting Your Beneficiary Forms May Defeat Your Estate PlanThe failure to correctly complete the forms that designate the beneficiaries of your life insurance policies and retirement plan accounts may undermine your entire estate plan. Here are a few tips on doing it right.Never name your estate as the beneficiary or

Probate F.A.Q.'s

What is Probate?Probate is the process by which your last Will is determined to be your final statement and confirms the appointment of the person or institution you have named to administer your estate. The term probate is also used in the larger sense of probating your estate. In this

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