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What's Included?

Basic listings come with the following:

  • Business Name
  • Address Phones & Fax Numbers
  • Map / Driving Directions
  • Listing under one Heading

Listing FAQ's

Why Do Some Listings Have Videos, Images, Stars or are Highlighted In Yellow?

These are Enhanced Listings. Enhanced Listings appear at the top of the search results and their features get them noticed more by customers. You can easily upgrade your basic listing at any time. Contact us today to learn more about options and pricing!

How Do I Get Listed under Numerous Headings?

In addition to more features, Enhanced Listings programs have the option to be listed under numerous headings. Attract more customers and get Listed under all the right headings that fit your business. Make sure potential customers can find you under all of the applicable headings. Contact us today to learn more about options and pricing!

How Can I Make My Listing(s) Stand Out?

Standing out from the crowd is easy with Enhanced Listings. Listing Enhancements include, photos, videos, highlights, stars, and more. Contact us today to learn more about options and pricing!

Why purchase an Enhanced Listing?

Consumers who search are ready to contact and make a purchase, make sure your business is listed and Stands out from the Crowd with enhancements and more information. Businesses that share more information and stand out can generate more consumer interest and contacts.

Are Directories Are Bad For SEO?

For a long time search engines used the number of back-links (the number of websites linking to you site) as a method of ranking your placement in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). In theory, the greater number of back-links, the higher your placement within the SERPs. As a result, site owners went looking for links and low-quality directories sprung up to feed their "link-establishing" desires. Overtime, the whole concept of back-links became a less reliable form of ranking. To combat this, search engines started to frown upon links between sites that used a "follow" method. Basically "follow" tells a search engine to travel (or follow) from one site to another. During this process of "following", the site that is linking to the other site ends up passing it's ranked weight along to the other site. This is known as "passing page rank" or just "passing rank". Today, directories (or any site for that matter) that uses "follow" links for its links to external websites are violating this "passing page rank" rule and are essentially bad for SEO. uses a "NoFollow" link system for each of its listings so it complies with the search engine's terms for linking. As a result, the worry about "follow" links and "passing page rank" on is not a concern.