Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Information collects personal information about you anytime you voluntarily fill out a form, submit a listing, or buy a product. Information collected includes but is not limited to your name, address, phone number, and email address. This information may be sent via email and/or stored in a database.

Use of Your Information may use the information you supply as a means of creating listings, purchasing a product or service, establishing contact with you, and/or other critical website functions. Information that you share with may be displayed publically in the form of listings, ads, maps, profiles, etc. does not sell, trade, or transfer personally identifying information about its users, customers, or visitors. may share personally identifying information with select third parties that provide services critical to the function of the website. These services include website maintenance, development, database management, hosting, etc. Additionally personal information may be shared with third parties and law enforcement for the investigation of fraud, malicious, illegal activities, etc.

Use of Cookies

This Website may use cookies to store session information such as products you are purchasing, listings you are creating, login information, site preferences, and other settings and information that contribute to the overall experience at This Website makes use of both temporary and stored cookies. In most cases, no personally identifiable information is stored in cookies.

This Website may also use third party cookies which may be used for advertising, marketing and other purposes. These cookies may be shared with other third parties. While you may be able to use without accepting cookies, you may not be able to use some functions such as checkout, login and other session controlled features.

Tracking and Logging Information logs the IP address and other related information about each visitor. This information is used to generate statistical reports and track errors. may also use third party tracking to provide statistical and marketing reports. This information may be shared with other third parties for marketing and benchmarking purposes.

Data Storage

Information submitted to may be stored in a database or archive indefinatly. Even after your information has been removed from and/or its databases, your information may still exist in's archive.

Data Security

Some information submitted through this website, such as data related to online shopping, may be submitted via a secure server. In these cases, a secure certificate stands to verify that the connection between you and the server is secure. Some information such as that which is submitted via a contact form, is sent via email. As with most email, it is sent via unsecured public networks so there is a risk that your personal information may be viewable to others.

Disclaimer and Policy Acceptance believes that your personal information should remain private and in your possession. If you feel concern over how your information is used and handled, please view our Privacy Policy periodically. By using the website, you acknowledge and agree to this Privacy Policy.