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Child Custody and Religion

1. When parents of different faiths separate, how do courts decide whose religion the children will follow?In today’s world, there are more interfaith marriages than ever before. New Jersey is becoming more multi-cultural each and every generation. As a consequence, our citizens often fall in love and get married to

Boating Under the Influence

As the population grows in New Jersey more and more citizens use the rivers, bays and oceans each weekend for recreational boating activities. The huge number of sailboats, powered vessels, personal watercraft, and part fishing boats that can be seen at the seashore and on the lakes during each summer

All About NJ Family Court Motions

1. What is a motion?A motion is simply an application to the family court. Motions can ask for an endless array of different types of relief. The most common grounds for relief are to increase or decrease child support, to emancipate a child, to compel the payment of health related

Asset Tracing

1. What role does asset tracing have in a divorce case?In most divorces the couples come to court with all sorts of assets. Some of the assets are titled jointly, some are shared, and are never intended to be shared. Asset tracing is simply the process of the documentation and

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